MT Canvus & Showcase Tutorial videos in Youtube

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We have created a series of tutorials for MT Canvus and MT Showcase. These are a great resource for learning to use these applications or see some of the features in action.

There are more tutorials coming up. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep updated when the new videos appear.

MT Showcase

These tutorials explain how to create new content sets, menu structures and themes to display your rich media content with MT Showcase. They especially geared towards the use cases where you need to create and update contents quickly for a customer visitor center, museum, or a trade show.

To learn MT Showcase, have a look that the MT Showcase YouTube video tutorial series.

MT Canvus

These tutorials show different ways to use MT Canvus for your meetings. The videos include tips for different use cases like big data visualization, brainstorming, design work etc.

To learn MT Canvus, have a look that the MT Canvus YouTube video tutorial series.