MultiTaction iWall Puts British Lung Foundation in Touch with Parliament

MultiTaction, the world’s leading developer of interactive touch display systems loaned a MultiTaction Meeting Room iWall solution for a week-long parliamentary exhibition held by the British Lung Foundation (BLF) at the Houses of Parliament.

‘Listen to your Lungs’ was a public health campaign to find the millions of people who are living with undiagnosed lung disease. The exhibition showcased the campaign and gave MPs, Peers and visitors to parliament a chance to test their lungs using an online ‘breath test’ via the interactive display.

Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison MP, launched the exhibition in the Upper Waiting Hall on 4 July, highlighting the need for earlier diagnosis and awareness of every day breathlessness as a symptom of lung disease and other health conditions.

She mentioned the screen in her speech, highlighting its effectiveness in drawing people to the campaign and inspiring people to take the breath test. Over the course of the week long exhibition 112 MPs came to the exhibition with attendees commenting on the role of the screen in bringing the exhibition to life.

The iWall – standing two metres high and over two metres wide – is designed to support the trend towards ‘bring your own device’ which meant that the BLF team could share content on to the interactive wall using team iPads. The screen featured a live twitter feed, results from breath tests, and a white board where people could share the kind of activities that made them breathless.

Steven Wibberley, Chief Operating Officer, British Lung Foundation said: “The MultiTaction iWall made it possible to amplify our presence in the Upper Waiting Hall and really engage with MPs and Peers. We were able to pull in and display a wide range of rich media content surrounding lung disease and then interact with it in real-time. It’s a great communications platform.”

Louise Banks, of the BLF communications team said, “For us the live feed with our social media had a big impact, MPs could see when their colleagues had tweeted about the campaign, which encouraged more of them to get involved.”

The exhibition in the Houses of Parliament was the precursor to the launch of the ‘Listen to your Lungs’ nationwide. The launch was featured in national news media, including The SunThe Mail and The Daily Mirror newspapers. The goal was to have at least 100,000 people take the test and share the test with friends and family.