Embrace Remote Collaboration with MultiTaction

embrace remote collaboration

There’s never been a better time to start working from home, but in order to remain productive, global teams need solutions that support real-time collaboration.

MultiTaction Canvus software enables any time, anywhere, any device, collaboration.

Our Canvus platform is unique in the way it encourages visual collaboration, which enables ideation through advanced visualization of rich media content.

Often confused with video conferencing, visual collaboration leverages technology so teams can work together in a much more visual and engaging manner.

Video conferencing is much like a regular meeting, with one person sharing fixed content with everyone else

This is not collaboration.

Visual collaboration turbo-charges business meetings and it is also a key element in creating modern digital workspaces that deliver better outcomes.

Studies show that we remember just 10 percent of what we hear, 20 percent of what we read and 80 percent of what we see. All large organisations would like to improve collaboration, and they all share the same challenge – how do you get colleagues to work in real-time together across geographic locations?

Canvus collaboration software enables multiple sources, such as video feeds, web-based applications and content from smart devices, to run in parallel. And Canvus makes it possible for remote users to share, manipulate, draw and input information in real-time wherever they are located.

embrace remote collaboration
Embrace Remote Collaboration with MultiTaction

Visual collaboration demands that your solution integrates BYOD and enables remote users to interact with the meeting hub. Canvus provides seamless integration of people and technology, and bridges the physical and the digital worlds.

Canvus provides the real-time relay of content and the actions performed on one screen to all others. Annotations, navigations, and live/recorded video are synchronously displayed across devices, like laptops and tablets. And all with low latency.

Even if users leave and rejoin sessions, the current state of content from the meeting hub is instantly synchronized with their devices, and also allows them to zoom and shrink objects independently on their screens.

MultiTaction’s collaboration software allows up to 50 users log in to a single screen at a time in order to add, edit, navigate, visualize and share content simultaneously. Now, remote teams can achieve the same level of real-time communication as teams that are in the same room. Canvus operates in both Windows and Linux environments and can integrate with the latest meeting room technologies such as Microsoft Surface Hub and Cisco Spark.

The rush towards visual collaboration is happening as organizations increasingly adopt remote working.

MultiTaction enables our clients to embrace remote collaboration, so they can develop and communicate their ideas in real time across global locations. This is why leading organizations including: IBM, KPMG, Oracle, 3M, PwC and the Toronto Raptors, use MultiTaction advanced visualization solutions.

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