MultiTaction Launches iWall with MT Canvus at The Clubhouse, St. James Square, London

The Clubhouse unveils the world’s most advanced visualisation technology in London’s smartest meeting club.

The Clubhouse is now London’s leading business club with lounges and meeting spaces providing people a smarter alternative to a traditional london office space. The club feautures specially and indivdually designed hot desks, meeting rooms, touch-down spaces, lounge areas, dedicated desks, a club café, event spaces, flexible meeting areas and conference facilities for up to 80 delegates (and breathe). All of this whilst still providing businesses with a chic and stylish backdrop to their meetings, events and everyday work.

A great feature of the facility is that it is enabling digitally savvy types to get involved with the future of work and collaboration with the MultiTaction iWall teamed with MultiTaction Canvus.  The iWall is being touted by many industry experts as the perfect fit for this type of business user. The large display makes it possible for large teams or individuals to review, interact and manipulate content at the simple touch of a finger, pen or object and with unlimited touches everyone in the room can get involved.

The room is availble to book and is called ‘The Greenhouse’ due to its glass cube presence towards the back of The Clubhouse

Other iWall users include business, retail, museums, education and sport. IBM recently used it to create a war room for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors basketball team. Closer to home the London Mayor’s promotional agency, London & Partners, has installed an iWall in its Tower of London meeting room.