MultiTaction Announces the Release of Canvus 2.6

Canvus 2.6

Canvus advanced visualization software is changing the way the world works

HELSINKI, FINLAND, August 20, 2019 –

Canvus 2.6 enables companies to solve some of the most pressing issues they face today, such as gaining the competitive advantage, getting to market faster, increasing productivity within teams, and delivering value through big data analytics and business intelligence.

Now, with Canvus, there is a platform that can deliver on the promise of anywhere, anytime, any device collaboration.

“I am excited to announce the release of Canvus 2.6 with many enhancements that our customers have been asking for,” said Ari Rahkonen, CEO of MultiTaction.

Canvus 2.6 has a built in remote desktop protocol (RDP) client, which can be used to connect to an RDP server. The smooth RDP integration will give you the possibility to run and update applications like MS Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop Paint etc. as if they are running in Canvus. Many of our customers already have RDP servers in their network and this allows them to enhance the use of Canvus virtually overnight.

Adding API to Canvus opens new exciting possibilities to integrate with different software such as videoconferencing applications (zoom for instance), data applications (think certain Salesforce integration in Canvus) and many more. This opens the possibility to customize your Canvus with external content in many ways. This will allow for more advanced development or customization of our software.

Key Features

BYOD Support. Screen casting and remote touch capabilities mean that laptops, tablets and other smart devices can easily share and control content.

Scalable.  Canvus provides a giant workspace that is easily scalable, which allows for very large amounts of data to be displayed simultaneously. This includes: images, videos, live feeds, browser sessions, remote PC connections or smart device inputs.

Real-Time Collaboration. Canvus makes it possible for teams to share and manipulate data with near-zero latency. Remote users can view, share, manipulate, draw and input data from their individual device. Whether your team members are in the same room, down the hall, in their home office, or around the world, imagine being able to work on video and data in real time.

Split Workspaces. Each canvas can be split into many workspaces, essentially creating a repeat of the first canvas, allowing people to work independently on the Canvus. This is particularly powerful if you want to create a flexible space for collaboration, such as using separate displays for breakout sessions.

Rapid Ideation. The quick note function allows users to create a colored note that can either be filled with text from the virtual keyboard, hand writing from an IR pen, or drag & drop any other content from the canvas. All of these can be combined to enrich an idea captured in the note. Perfect for brain storming sessions.

Videoconferencing Capabilities. Engage agile team members with videoconferencing. Canvus can be integrated with any videoconferencing platform such as Zoom, BlueJeans, MS Teams and Webex.


About MultiTaction

MultiTaction designs advanced visualization and collaboration solutions to improve the way the world works. Its award-winning 3D optical recognition multi-touch displays, and innovative software suite are used by some of the world’s largest corporations, museums, educational institutions and entertainment companies. With solutions deployed in over 50 countries and offices across the United States, Asia and Europe, MultiTaction is a global business.

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