The home of sport, SkySports Richard Graves gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the NFL Draft alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars, with a little help from a MultiTaction iWall and our Canvus application – see it here (will take you to

The Jacksonville Jaguars camped out at London & Partners (which is one of our United Kingdom demonstration centres) day and night during the NFL draft and used the MultiTaction iWall running MT Canvus to help visualise its picks. The Jacksonville jaguars brought along a strong team of analysts and by using our hardware and software were best placed to make the right decisions during such an integral day in the NFL season.

The MT Canvus software which the Jacksonville Jaguars used allowed them to fully visualise every single aspect of their day. From players age, height, weight, history and more and then compare them all in a single view on the iWall. The beauty of using an iWall for events like this is that we have truly unlimited touches on our screens. This means everyone in the room could stand up and all work, design and view at any one time on any part of the display. They feel all of this combined gave them a cutting edge over the other teams on the fiercely competitive occasion.

The london and partners demonstration centre featuring our unique collaboration equipment as seen in this video is in a prime location with stunning views across the thames, towards the world famous Tower Bridge and can be booked on a hourly or daily basis through the London and Partner website