Transforming the communication process.

Designed for maximum visibility the MultiTaction multi touch curved iWall includes twelve MT Cells in portrait mode.  The curvature extends to 90 degrees and covers approximately three meters or nine feet in width and depth. 

With this unique platform, users will benefit from key features such as ultra-fast responsiveness, simultaneous touch, IR pen and object recognition. It support for seamless integration across PCs, smart devices and other interactive displays allows users to easily save and access content created on the Curved MultiTaction iWall at any time.

Like all our layouts, this is compatable with both our MT Canvus collaboration software and our MT Showcase engagement software

A special addition to our iWall family

A unique framework that allows the iWall to be constructed in all sorts of shapes and sizes based
around the MT Cell. Everything from floating cubes to almost completely circular rooms have been delivered.

The curvature of the display produces a wider field of view for corporations to effectively communicate with and impress their clients. Combining this new Curved Multi touch iWall with our leading software applications transports users through an intuitive journey unlike anything available on the market today

Jonathan Priestley



All the details about the entire iWall family

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iWall family brochure

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