Keeping staff and visitors alike engaged with visual, interactive content

This is visual collaboration

Millennials are beginning to shape the way we do business but many organisations fail to engage with them at a technology level, resulting in an inability to retain bright, young talent. If we could create workplaces that were global, smart, collaborative and sustainable, then these ‘digital natives’ could become highly engaged and productive assets. The problem is that too often there is a ‘disconnect’ between business, technology and personnel. The one dimension missing is interactive visualisation that brings these three together in one place to enable collaboration on one large screen with multiple data sources and devices.

Customised content

Create custom applications and content to better engage with your audience

Improve socialisation

Get people talking, working, creating and collaborating together

The wow factor

Both our hardware and software has been dropping jaws since 2007

Enhancing the customer experience

BeautyTouch is a 360 degree solution to interactive retail marketing for innovative brands looking to give their customers an exciting in-store experience every time.

Create engaging spaces

How often have you gone to a meeting and found yourself locked away in a windowless room with your laptop plugged in and in front of you, a presentation on a small screen. It’s a monologue with a side order of briefing documents – a backward glance to a 20th century model of ‘command and control’. It doesn’t have to be like that and it shouldn’t be! When it comes to engaging with young professionals, business has to create a dynamic working environment that matches their life experience.

As office technology becomes more consumerised, so workers expect to bring their own devices and ‘plug and play’ any device anywhere. The younger generations also expect the systems they use to work, and to be compatible with other systems they use, no matter what the device. Meeting room technology should not buckle under the strain of multiple users or place limitations on collaboration.  There is a better way to engage with customers, prospects and employees. All it requiresis a MultiTaction-equipped meeting room

According to GALLUP’s annual great workplace award only 13% of employees are engaged in the jobs. With MultiTaction organisations can tailor the experience for clients and employees whilst also collecting information about what information is engaging people.