Keeping staff and visitors alike engaged with visual, interactive content

Customised content

Create custom applications and content to better engage with your audience

Improve socialisation

Get people talking, working, creating and collaborating together.

The wow factor

Both our hardware and software has been dropping jaws since 1996

Enhancing the customer experience

BeautyTouch is a 360 degree solution to interactive retail marketing for innovative brands looking to give their customers an exciting in-store experience every time.

Create engaging spaces

According to GALLUP’s annual great workplace award only 13% of employees are engaged in the jobs. MultiTaction’s Meeting Room Solution incorporates an advanced communication tool called MT Showcase.  Organisations can tailor the experience for clients and employees whilst also collecting information about what information is engaging people.  One of the reasons why this solution is so popular with Museums, Universities and retail outlets is the ability to engage with all age groups and types with equal effectiveness.  Learn more about MT Canvus or the MT iWall Family. ​

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