The MT Cell enables visitors to trace the Canning Stock Route with multitouch access to both historical and modern data, including paintings, film and cultural works, as well as rich oral and visual records.

The exhibit features over two hours of video, more than 70 paintings, and roughly 100 separate stories situated at locations along the route.

Visitors “walking” along the stock route can view graphical information pertaining to that region. Native animals walk across the surface of the display and the many black ants that cover the surface can be tracked and squashed. Also an interactive sand area enables visitors to draw their own paintings.

How is it being used?

Thanks to the MT Showcase and MT Codice solutions and supported by our leading multitouch hardware, visitors of the Australia War Memorial were able to get a more enriched experience by simply placing the guide application onto a display and watching information come to life.

What we did

MultiTaction worked in collaboration with the Australia War Memorial to provide a memorable, engaging learning environment for visitors of all ages. Using our iWall in the L- shape table layout loaded with MT Showcase and MT Codice they are now able to get people interacting with history.

The Hybrid iWall table