MultiTaction Solutions are Part of PwC Australia’s Digital Transformation

14 Dec 2017

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PwC Australia partnered with Downstream to create a series of six digital experiences, with each experience acting as a purposeful point of engagement for visitors.


Downstream is a global leader in the development of unique, digitally augmented environments and public spaces. 

Read the case study to learn how PwC is leveraging the latest technology to create highly personalized environments that deliver a memorable experience.

See how MultiTaction’s solutions are used in the Innovation Pool, where visitors are immersed into a high-tech sensory environment where they can explore and interact with a MultiTaction iWall. 

MultiTaction curved multi-touch wall in action at pwc

In The Hub, MultiTaction solutions create a one of a kind presentation environment with advanced AV and VC control. MultiTaction displays and collaboration software deliver an immersive, high impact experience. For all the details, Watch the video here, and Read the full case study here


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