How technology is changing the face of fashion

23 Nov 2016

How technology is changing the face of fashion - 10 reasons

List: Collaborative software, Data analytics, Omni-channel shopping, mobile and cloud technology are just some of the technologies being used to disrupt the fashion industry.

A survey by Brightcove of 2,000 UK consumers aged 16-55+ found that 77% of consumers say more ‘real-life’ experiences via video and multimedia content would help drive them to make a purchase on UK fashion sites.

It also found that by 2020, nearly half of Brits (45%) expect to do their shopping via mobile devices while one in ten expect to use their TV and virtual reality.

With this in mind here are some examples of tech changing the face of the fashion industry. Companies working in the tech sector alongside retail told CBR - see the full 1-10 here

6. Computer aided designs

MultiTaction, which creates advanced interactive displays, said: "With a current high pressure on fashion houses to produce more collections per year and made them available to public immediately after shows, fashion houses are more today than ever thinking how to optimise creative thinking processes.

"New fashion designs are created with computer aided design but still are printed out onto large sheets of paper for review and mark-up. The results are then fed back into the digital environment.

"Where once there were paper print-outs and marker pens the most forward-thinking are now using a large touch screen and interacting seamlessly with collection designs and sizes. There is no need to go back and forth between paper and digital assets providing a much appreciated boost to productivity."

Read the full article here

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