This is collaborative analytics

If we could just get our arms around the information we need then we would be able to discern the actionable insights that we are promised will impact the business.

There is much talk around the four ‘V’s of big data and much of the investment in this space is on back end systems to tame these various dimensions. This problem is further compounded by the fact that nobody has one big data system, typically ending up with several systems and tools. The one dimension missing is visualisation.

Easily visualise

Bringing everything into one place. Our software gives you the platform to turn data into actionable results

Unlimited sources

See all your data sources at once from SAP to Oracle to Tableu, IBM, SAS and many more

Download, upload, create

Our software makes it easy for anyone to work, save and share any content in moments

Discover it in action

This video features 9 MultiTaction 55″ cells running our Canvus software at one of our client locations in London

Solving the problem

How many times have you sat in a room surrounded by print outs and charts or product pictures stuck to the wall as part of a planning meeting or design review? You could be forgiven for thinking that the printer is the bridge between the digital part of a process and the business specialists. There are in fact still many business processes in this digital age that flow in and out of a digital zone. Each time it happens the most common form of engagement is to print out the information and have someone annotate it with a pen.Once the annotations are complete they are entered back into the original tool and often this process iterates until all are happy. Typically this consensus is also reached through everybody getting the latest printout. There is another way to do this. Imagine if there was a technology solution that allowed non-technologists, like designers or business specialists to annotate their input directly into a digital tool which could be shared without having to translateback and forth through printouts. Such a solution does exist, its called the MultiTaction innovation room solution.