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MultiTaction is a leading developer of advanced collaboration and visualization solutions.

Our MT Canvus collaboration software makes it possible for remote users to share, manipulate, draw and input information in real-time wherever they are based. MT Canvus operates on our own advanced touch screens but also works on many other hardware platforms including the Surface Hub from Microsoft. Our customers use MT Canvus to facilitate connected meetings across multiple locations with users interacting directly with advanced touch screens – all with minimum latency.

Our MT Showcase presentation software has been designed specifically to ‘show off’ great content but also to make exploring and discovering that content super easy. Some materials are aimed at clients, some are aimed at employees to educate or guide and some are simply designed to delight. What all of these scenarios have in common, is the need for someone to first discover the material and then engage with it to get the anticipated experience. There are two parts to the solution – the Showcase player and the Showcase Editor. The editor is where the real work takes place as you drag and drop your media content into the presentation structure that you have defined for your showcase.

We also design and build the most responsive touch technology in the industry. Our 55” touch screen ‘MT cells’ can pick up and track an unlimited number of fingers, hands, objects, cards or pens at any one time. Our iWall provides an unparalleled user experience with a unique hardware design means which that we are able to deliver capabilities that cannot be found in other forms of multi touch technology.

Our Headquarters and R&D facility are located in Helsinki, where our Company was founded out of Helsinki University. We have offices in London, Singapore, New York, Chicago and Mountain View supporting over 700 customer installations in over 40 countries.

If you are considering working for us or doing business with us, you should know that our Company is built on three core values:

Customer Delight
The best quality in the Industry
A great Company to do business with / work for

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