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We are MultiTaction. We design collaborative multi-touch hardware and software solutions to improve the way the world works

Our story

We were founded  in 2007  by  a group  of research  scientists  that  were  studying  advanced  user interfaces  at the  Helsinki  Institute  of Information  Technology. They  developed  a  unique  piece  of touch  tracking  technology  but after  exhaustive  testing  discovered  there  was no commercially available hardware that  could  keep  up with it … so they  invented  one!

That  was our  first generation  touch  screen  and  to prove  the  technology we installed  it in a public place  and recorded people’ s reactions  and  interactions.   Sharing this online generated such an avalanche of feedback and commercial interest that we formed the company now known as MultiTaction.  In case you were wondering, ‘taction’ is Latin for touch.   

Over the course of ten years we have grown from a small office in Helsinki to a global business. We now have R&D centres in Finland  and  the  UK, manufacturing  in Europe  and  America,  showrooms  in Singapore, California,  Chicago,  New  York,  Helsinki  and  London.   Along the way we have continued to innovate:

  • Largest integrated multiuser LCD multitouch display launched in 2011
  • Only optical multi-touch hybrid tracking technology immune to external lighting introduced in 2012
  • First curved multi-user interactive wall - curvature up to 360°, width up to 96ft – arrived in 2015
  • And there is probably the world’s largest touchscreen display – a 48-screen wrap-around- now installed at the​Queensland University of Technology

And we continue to innovate. As we move forward, we are evolving into a leading developer of advanced visualization and collaboration software. Proof of this is the recent announcement of the ground-breaking MT Canvus Connect visual collaboration software that makes it possible for remote users to share, manipulate, draw and input information in real-time wherever they are based

We may evolve but our commitment to helping our technology-users transform data into tangible assets never wavers: whether it be generating insights from big data, enabling greater engagement, or increasing socialisiation. We are inventing #the future of work and putting people in touch with the big picture!


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