We are MultiTaction. We design collaborative solutions to improve the world around you.

Our story

Founded  in 2007  by  a group  of research  scientists  that  were  studying  advanced  user interfaces  at the  Helsinki  Institute  of Information  Technology.

They  developed  a  unique  piece  of touch  tracking  technology  but after  exhaustive  testing  they discovered  there  wasn’ t  any hardware  commercially  available  that  could  keep  up with the  tracking system  they  had  developed – so they  invented  one!

That  was our  first generation  touch  screen  and  to prove  the  technology  it was  installed  in a public place  where  people’ s reactions  and  interactions  could  be  recorded.   A demonstration  of the system  was  published  on  the  web  and  then  the real  fun started.

The feedback  and  number  of commercial  enquires  that  followed  the  video  led  to the  formation  of the  company  now  known as MultiTaction.   In case  you  were  wondering,  Taction  is Latin  for touch.    

In this our  10th  year  we  grown  from  a small office in Helsinki  to a global  business  with  R&D centres in Finland  and  the  UK; Manufacturing  in Europe  and  America;  Showrooms  in Singapore, California,  Chicago,  New  York,  Helsinki  and  London.  

We now  have  thousands  of displays  deployed  in over  50 countries  for F500  corporations, museums,  universities  and  retail environments.

The culture  of our company  is based  on  three  key  tenants:

  • Customer  Delight – we  love  watching  our customers  smile
  • Best  Quality – we  make  what  we  sell so quality  is King
  • Great  Place  to  Work – we  do  this everyday  so we  want  to love  it

So  please explore  our website  and  feel free to get in touch with  us.

Tervetuloa  (that’ s  Welcome  in Finnish!) 


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