How MultiTaction works

MultiTaction interactive display systems are based on MultiTouch proprietary software and hardware designs. Our Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS) technology uses an optical camera system built into a custom LCD backlight which enables the display to see and interpret every interaction a user is performing on the screen.


How CVTS works:

  1. Infrared light is emitted through the LCD panel and diffused.
  2. User places a hand, finger, object or 2D barcode on the display causing IR light to reflect back. An IR pen shines a bright IR spot onto the display.
  3. The camera system captures IR images from the entire surface area at up to 200 fps rate.
  4. Proprietary computer vision algorithms process the incoming image data and produces touch and interaction data.
  5. Touch data is then sent to the interactive application.
MultiTaction CVTS provides a number of unique benefits that are not available in other touch technologies. These include:

  • Unlimited simultaneous touches and interactions
  • Supports the widest range of input methods
  • Completely enclosed and integrated touch display with only a safety glass in front
  • Industry’s only touch technology which can be used with ultra thin/super narrow bezel LCDs
  • Very fast responsiveness

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The unique CVTS touch technology is implemented in MultiTaction display products which are designed and built from the ground up as integrated interactive displays. MultiTaction displays have a proprietary Display Assembly module which includes the LCD panel, a frame and the backlight unit. In addition, the Core Assembly in the back includes the interaction tracking pipeline along with the internal computing module running the MultiTaction software.


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For more information about MultiTaction technology, please read the white paper here:
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