Key MultiTaction Benefits

MultiTaction Cells are the most advanced interactive displays commercially available.

Use with hands, objects, 2D bar codes and IR pens

MultiTaction technology identifies hands instead of points of contact only. That allows the client to implement richer set of interactions. It also allows the client to track multiple users even if they interact close to – or reach across – one another.

With the Enriched Reality™ technology, MultiTouch’s MultiTaction Cells are able to detect every object and 2D bar code that interacts or is placed on the system.
MultiTaction IR Pen support enables users to write, draw, sketch, and brainstorm designs and words on MultiTaction Cell displays using most IR pens, and to distinguish clearly between pen and touch interactions.


Unlimited number of users


All MultiTaction displays support an unlimited number of touch points. Multiple users can use the displays simultaneously with their both hands. While other multitouch techniques merely see points of contact, MultiTaction technology identifies both hands. That makes a clear difference to dual- and single-touch displays. It also allows the client to track multiple users at the same time. That is crucial in large scale installations.

Any size and any shape


MultiTaction displays can be combined into interactive multiuser walls and tables of any size and shape. You can for instance set up a single display as a wall or as a table or incline it to any position. By stacking modular MultiTaction displays, you can also create enormous walls and tables, only the sky is the limit.

Superior picture quality


MultiTaction Cell picture quality is superior. We deliver top-quality Full HD LCD screens. There are no additional layers on the top of the display that would blur, distort or dullen the display brightness

Ultra thin bezel


MultiTaction displays are available with ultra thin bezels for large walls. The bezel width is only 1.9 mm / 0.07 inches (bottom and left side) and 3.8 mm / 0.15 (top and right side) making it ideal for large walls.

Immune to external light


MultiTaction provides optical multi-touch technology immune to external lighting conditions. The Extensible Hybrid Tracking Engine (EHTE) can be configured to use the active IR on every other frame to capture reflections and passive ambient light for every other frame to capture shadows. This is highly useful when the environment has powerful infrared light sources such as sunlight or halogen spot lights. EHTE will then process the two images together to capture all possible detail and apply the computer vision algorithms to detect touches and objects as usual.

Remote management


Dispersed, network connected interactive systems can be managed remotely. The MultiTaction Site Manager enables system integrators, IT managers and content providers to manage thousands of globally dispersed, network connected interactive systems.

Any operating system


MultiTouch Ltd develops technology to work across all the major platforms. It works natively on a range of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Any development platform


In addition to MultiTouch Cornerstone SDK, you can work on a third party development platform or use commercial multitouch software suites. MultiTaction Cells provide standard touch data outputs in TUIO, XML or Windows Touch formats. Any third party development platform can be used, including WPF, Flash, Java, VVVV, OpenFrameworks, PyMT, Unity3D, MAX/MSP. In addition, most commercial multitouch software suites, such as Snowflake, GestureWorks, OmniTapps, Intuiface, and SoTouch can be used.