IBEC – Integrated Backlight Emitter Camera


Integrated Backlight Emitter Camera modules are integrated circuit boards suited for mass production. They uniquely include white LEDs for standard LCD backlighting, infrared LEDs for emitting IR through the LCD panel so that some will reflect from hands and objects back inside the display where infrared cameras capture the IR images at up to 200 frames per second.

Each IBEC module has a fixed size so the number of modules needed depends on the required display size. Each module has multiple cameras so the number of cameras in a MULTITACTION system can vary between 4 and 100.

BENEFIT 3: Modularity allows any size LCD to be used from 32” to 100”+ with the same thin depth.

Beyond 100” sizes, MULTITACTION displays can be stacked like existing MultiTouch Cell displays to form large video walls or tables.