EHTE – Extensible Hybrid Tracking Engine


The embedded computer runs the Extensible Hybrid Tracking Engine. It is an embedded version of the proven MultiTouch Cornerstone Engine, which has been used with single and dual camera based MultiTouch Cell displays already since 2008.

The breakthrough feature of EHTE is Hybrid Tracking which is illustrated below:

EHTE can be configured to use the active IR on every other frame to capture reflections and passive ambient light for every other frame to capture shadows. This is highly useful when the environment has powerful infrared light sources such as sunlight or halogen spot lights. EHTE will then process the two images together to capture all possible detail and apply the computer vision algorithms to detect touches and objects as usual.

BENEFIT 5: Using Hybrid Tracking, MULTITACTION provides the first optical multi-touch technology immune to external lighting conditions

Extensibility means that the tracking system can be used to see virtually anything placed on the display and visible with IR. EHTE can track and pass information to applications on:

This makes MULTITACTION the most advanced multi-touch solution available.

Furthermore, developers have the possibility to further extend the tracking system using the available SDK.

BENEFIT 6: By tracking whole hands instead of points only, MULTITACTION provides the first true multi-user support

BENEFIT 7: MULTITACTION provides the most advanced set of capabilities of any interactive display