CVTS – Computer Vision Through Screen


Computer Vision Through Screen is the technological principle with which MULTITACTION detects touches. In 2008 MultiTouch commercialized the first ever implementation of Rear Diffuse Infrared (RDI) illumination that worked through the LCD panel. Since then MultiTouch Cell LCDs have been delivered to more than 35 countries and are used by some of the leading brands. Widely used in rear projector based installations RDI is exponentially more difficult to do through an LCD panel because the LCD panel blocks 95-97% of the light passing through. This was overcome with very sophisticated, patented computer vision algorithms of MultiTouch Cornerstone Engine software.

CVTS’s uniqueness is based on the amount of information seen through the LCD panel at a perpendicular angle which is a lot more than we’d get looking only from the sides as in the traditional IR frame solutions. It becomes possible to detect not only finger tips but whole fingers and the hands they belong to as well. Furthermore this principle is used to track optical markers (tags) placed on objects, or the shape of the object.

BENEFIT 1: MULTITACTION Computer Vision Through Screen works perpendicular to the screen to capture much more information than possible with other touch technologies

With CVTS the front surface is typically durable tempered safety glass. Uniquely, the front is smooth from edge to edge as CVTS does not require anything to be placed around the display edges. It is even possible to replace the front glass with an oversized one for seamless integration to custom interiors.

BENEFIT 2: Smooth edge-to-edge front glass provides robustness and allows flexible integration to interiors. It also allows smooth stacking of multiple units.