Cornerstone SDK

MultiTouch Cornerstone is a software development toolkit for creating bespoke applications for MultiTaction displays. It is designed for creating applications that scale to ultrahigh resolutions and support any number of simultaneous users. For applications using advanced tracking features such as object recognition or pen use, Cornerstone is unique in the market.

Javascript support makes it easy for any developer to use the toolkit. Efficient threaded rendering makes even 50 Megapixel 24-screen applications easy to develop. 4K resolution applications are a breeze for Cornerstone.

Cornerstone SDK also works with third party touch displays using other protocols like TUIO or Windows Touch. Projects utilising MultiTaction displays can be deployed on smaller, lower cost displays, e.g. across retail, making applications reusable. In addition to applications being reusable, designing applications using only one toolkit makes development more cost efficient.
Cornerstone includes built-in support for easy management and control of applications by integration with MultiTaction Site Manager. Site Manager allows applications to plug into an existing efficient management tool.

Cornerstone includes a set of ready-made demonstration applications that allow partners and customers to immediately see the advanced features and benefits in practice.

This free-to-use and established toolkit is supported by extensive documentation and developer forums with MultiTouch offering direct support and training as well.

Cornerstone SDK is free to download and use on any MultiTaction displays..

The key features of MultiTouch Cornerstone 2 SDK

  • The most powerful multi-touch toolkit
  • Extendable, high-performance C++ engine
  • Easy-to-use JavaScript interface to utilize the C++ engine
  • A rich set of UI and gesture components to create applications
  • Scalable from single display up to 24 x full-HD displays per computer
  • Compatibility for several types of multi-touch hardware, from MultiTouch Ltd. and others
  • Support for all major operating systems – Windows 7/8, OS X, Linux
  • Support for many different interaction types – fingers, hands, markers, and pens
  • Real-time application styling with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Integration with MultiTaction Site Manager to enable remote control and
  • Monitoring of interactive applications
  • Support for the full life-cycle of the application development and deployment, including built-in emulator

Download the MultiTouch Cornerstone 2 SDK White Paper

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