MultiTaction iWall

MultiTaction iWall is a 5 m x 2.5 m turnkey interactive videowall solution. MultiTaction iWall comprises 12 x 55" Ultra Thin bezel MultiTaction displays. MultiTaction iWall allows corporations to create a smarter workplace and provides immense opportunities in concept design, content development and brand integration.
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Ultra Thin Bezel Displays

Modular and stackable MultiTaction Ultra Thin Bezel Cells are ideal for building huge nearly-seamless interactive walls on any form and size. The MultiTaction UTB dramatically minimises the visible bezel.
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Stackable Displays

Stackable models of modular MultiTaction displays are to be used with external computer. They are ideal for building interactive walls and tables on any form and size.
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Embedded Displays

Embedded models of MultiTaction displays contain a computer for applications installed inside the display. That allows multitouch applications to be run without an external computer. These models are ideal for stand-alone displays.
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