Case: Lincoln Tech Table by Imagination

Lincoln on MultiTouch Table

Product: MultiTouch Cell
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At major car shows in the United States, American luxury car maker Lincoln displayed its product information on a sleek, interactive 4-meter long multitouch table. This unique, engaging marketing tool was created by international communication consultancy Imagination and a multitouch cell developer MultiTouch Ltd.

In 2010 at the Detroit, Chicago and New York Auto Shows, Lincoln presented its car model features on a remarkable new application developed by Imagination and table created by MultiTouch Ltd. The global brand communications agency Imagination created a multi-user, tactile experience for its automotive client that engages people by presenting product marketing information in an original, visually compelling format on a 4-meter long multitouch enabled table.

This state of the art multitouch display, developed by MultiTouch Ltd., allows Lincoln to highlight common technologies across its product line and accentuates the blend of luxury and innovation that embodies the Lincoln brand. This entertaining and intuitive multi-user interface enables users to control their own experience as they peruse the rich, interactive content.

Imagination utilized the MultiTouch Cell’s ability to recognize objects by reading a 2D bar code on a physical card. Users access the table content through the physical card, known as the Lincoln Technology Access Pass, which simulates the push button engine start of the automobiles. The card also allows the download of music and videos as well as access to additional content including daily prize giveaways.

This remarkable visual achievement was accomplished through C++ and OpenGL, and was developed using Agile project methodology and without any reliance on Flash.

Visually Compelling Interactive Display
The MultiTouch Cell was selected because it is a stable, high resolution, plug and play multi touch solution with immediate response and delivery. The Cell is the only Full HD multitouch solution on LCD that is readily available in the marketplace and in a feasible price range.

Imagination developed this application to run on a 4-meter-long table consisting of four MultiTouch Cells connected to each other. Professional support was provided by the MultiTouch Development Team.

To obtain more information about Lincoln’s Imagination/MultiTouch Table application, please watch this:

Because the displays were built using ready-made modules, they were easy to set up and maintain. The application development was also fast thanks to the CornerStone SDK.

To present Lincoln’s corporate and product branding features in a visually compelling and interactive format. .

A 4-meter-long table made of 4 units of MultiTouch Cell 46” and a showcase application developed by Imagination.

Captivating presentation tool that allowed visitors to interact with interesting content.

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