Case: Sekuensaa Music Table

Sensaa used an MT465 table to develop Sekuensaa, a novel musical application.

Product: MT465 MultiTouch Cell 46″
Use case: Entertainment

Sekuensaa is a musical exploration experience in which multiple participants simultaneously interact with a sound synthesizer by arranging a special set of augmented reality markers on top of a multitouch surface.

Markers exhibit different behaviours when placed on the surface – some trigger drums, some behave like a kaoss pad, while others add extra layers of sound to make the performance really come together. Markers are sensitive to their position and orientation on the table, so users can cycle through different instruments or modulate sound parameters with a simple twisting or sliding motion.

The goal of the project was to design a simple enough system for people with little musical ability to enjoy, while providing enough control to allow people with a stronger background to deliver more complex performances. Since very little instruction is required, Sekuensaa is rewarding to use from the get-go.

Some pieces are also touch-sensitive.

Technically speaking, the platform’s TUIO compatibility allowed Sensaa to hit the ground running and create the custom software application in no time. The screen is able to produce vibrant HD visuals with immediate response, crucial for this type of application.

The table has been mostly used as a marketing tool in trade fairs and music festivals. To see a video demonstration of Sekuensaa visit the following URL:

To deliver an engaging musical toy for people with no technical background.

46″ multitouch table with custom software app developed by Sensaa.

Players are very much drawn to the system, generating significant buzz and encouraging word of mouth. Interactive content can be customized to include different branding and music styles.

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