Case: NASA Space Center Houston Interactive Display

Products: MultiTouch Cell
Location: Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, USA Link: youtube video
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MultiTouch Ltd. and Double Take Technologies were engaged by Space Center Houston at NASA’s Johnson Space Center to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first space shuttle mission (STS-1) with the development of a content-rich multitouch learning experience. Both children and adults are visually captivated by the huge multitouch display that provides a wealth of knowledge about space shuttles and the history of space exploration.

Space Center Houston was looking for a way to highlight NASA’s worldwide reputation for excellence in space exploration as well as to make archival mission footage available to all their visitors.

Multitouch Ltd. and Double Take Technologies partnered to provide an interactive, responsive display that draws visitors in with its engaging content and keeps them interested with layers of current and historic information.

When approaching the wall, visitors notice numerous space shuttles flying around. By touching the shuttles they can either play with them by changing their velocity and direction or open multimedia content embedded into each shuttle . The background videos feature high-resolution space travel footage provided by NASA, including amazing views of the Earth as seen by astronauts on the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle.

Unlimited number of users can simultaneously open high-resolution photos and videos, access STS-1 content and create visual effects by touching anywhere on the display. .

The display is robust enough to handle constant use from hundreds of daily users and scalable so that new content modules can simply be added-on without impacting existing content.

Four 46-inch MultiTouch Cell displays were used to create the interactive video wall at the Space Center Houston Visitor Center. The initial installation is part of the first phase of the exhibit, which will eventually include the full Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Apollo mission histories.

Provide an interactive user experience that is both educational and fun for the whole family to learn about space history

Four 46-inch MultiTouch Cell LCD units

Exciting exhibit, durable for a visitor center of 800,000 annual visitors and hard use, it is possible to enlarge and develop the wall later

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