q-bus Mediatektur

Largest installation at CeBit 2008

Product: MultiTouch CornerStone
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q-bus Mediatektur GmbH realised the largest stand at CeBit 2008 for Deutsche Telekom AG – featuring a very long multitouch wall screens running a single, seamless application. The screen was 6 meters wide by 1.5 meters high (20×5 feet). To complement the multitouch wall q-bus also built a table-format display with 1,7×1,2 meter display area (5,5×4 feet). In this case q-bus Mediatektur GmbH used the MultiTouch Cornerstone software to track the users hands on the screen, connected to q-bus’ own rendering and database technology. MultiTouch Oy also provided consultation help regarding the final design of the tracking system.

The first integration tests of MultiTouch Cornerstone SDK with the rendering and database technology by q-bus was accomplished in less than an hour. q-bus could then proceed to build the high-quality application for their customer based on the MultiTouch Cornerstone hand tracking.

The multitouch wall screen was used to build a large interactive installation to attract and engage visitors in a social experience for informing about services and products of T-Home. The system was composed of 3 high-resolution video projectors, 4 Mac Pro computers and 6 infrared cameras.

The multitouch wall screen built by q-bus Mediatektur utilised MultiTouch Cornerstone for hand and multitouch tracking creating a success case utilising flexibility and scalability of the solution.

Shallow 1,7 meter multitouch table shows the flexibility of MultiTouch Cornerstone in conjunction with q-bus expertise and technology.

The requirements that we supported for this customer case were:

The deployment of the Cornerstone required only simple steps

  1. choosing a platform, in this case Mac OSX
  2. choosing number and models of cameras for computer vision, based on recommendations by MultiTouch Ltd
  3. creating infrared-illumination system using in-house resources by q-bus
  4. designing and building the installations, with little help needed from MultiTouch Ltd