Case: S3 Research consortium at the Pori Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival Interactive MultiTouch Screen

Product: MultiTouch Box
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Use case: Event

The Pori Jazz Festival used a MultiTouch Cell display to present its program, artists and venues to their audience this summer. The Jatsitatsi multitouch wall, created as a research project, uses advanced technology in a novel way to provide the audience with unique way to view the jazz festival data.

At the festival information booth, a large, interactive screen filled with floating digital balls displayed up- to-date festival information. Each ball contained information about a particular event. Users could enlarge and move them wherever they chose. Enlarging a ball would display more details.

The goal of the research project is to design a user interface that is more compelling, entertaining and functional as well as encourages more collaboration between users. In the future, researchers expect that more content will be presented in this effective and interactive manner.

The S3 Research consortium developed this fascinating application using Cornerstone SDK to explore the events and services of the Pori Jazz Festival. They selected the MultiTouch Box because it is a stable, high-resolution, multitouch solution with immediate response and delivery. The display allows multiple users to interact with and modify content simultaneously.

On the display, people could open or drag three different multimedia windows with videos, pictures and text. They could move, rotate, and rescale the multilingual content and on videos, they could even play, stop and jump from one scene to another.

The research project was carried out by the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Elisa, and Nokia Siemens Networks. The multitouch display technology was developed by MultiTouch LTD. The research project S3 – Screen, Space and Social Activity ( has been funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

To see a video demonstration of the Jatsitatsi multitouch screen visit the following URL:

To create an interactive display in a public space that provides the audience with new, playful experiences.

Almost three meter long screen made of interconnected 46” MultiTouch cells

The big screen captivated people and encouraged them to play with the content.

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