Case: Riolab’s Chilean Pavilion Wall of Chile display at Expo Shanghai 2010

World’s Largest HD MultiTouch Display Wall

Product: MultiTouch Cell
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Use Case: Exhibition

Riolab and MultiTouch joined forces to create a massive, content-rich Wall of Chile display for the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai China. The goal was to present the culture of Chile in an artistically interactive and captivating manner. This was achieved with a massive 4-meter-long(13’) by 1.2-meter-high(4’) monitor that enables users to access 6 hours of high definition video and thousands of photographs of historical archives which include satellite, natural and terrestrial images that detail Chile’s culture and character.

The huge display captures the interest of attendees and draws them in to further explore the content. The wall features a large map of Chile and 36 headshots of people which lead to more information as the user manipulates the photos. The multitouch interface allows dozens of users to access the wall simultaneously. The exhibit has been active for the past six months for 15 hours a day. During that period, it has been used by millions of visitors to the Chilean pavilion.

MultiTouch Cornerstone software enables dynamic integration of applications, encouraging the creative impulses of the producers and enhancing the overall experience of the users. Over 400 contributors and hundreds of public and private institutions contributed to produce this unique, engaging experience. This collaborative display, developed over a four-month period, produced a heightened sense-of-touch realism for the users while encouraging them to learn and explore the country of Chile.

The client selected the MultiTouch Cell because it is a stable, high-resolution, plug and play multitouch solution with immediate response and delivery. Riolab and MultiTouch developed this application to run on 8 interconnected 46” MultiTouch Cells.

To see a demonstration of the Wall of Chile, please visit the following URL.

Create a huge HD display wall to working reliably all day for a half year when used by millions of people.

4-meter-long wall created by connecting 8 MultiTouch Cell 46” units together.

The screen catches the attention of crowds and does not require maintenance despite difficult conditions.

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