Case: Siemens Multitouch Lobby Display

Product: MultiTouch Cell
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MultiTouch and uma collaborated to create the world’s largest public multitouch display at Siemens City in Vienna. This huge, content-rich display showcases the innovations of Siemens on the most advanced multitouch platform available today. Employees and potential customers who enter Siemens’ lobby are immediately drawn to the captivating, interactive display that tracks their movements and allows them to display corporate and product information at their fingertips.


Siemens’ goal was to exhibit their highly-technical company and its products in a unique and innovative multitouch format. MultiTouch Ltd and uma joined forces to provide this ultra-responsive, feature-rich display. Siemens now prominently features this captivating 8.5 meter multitouch display in the lobby of Siemens Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Headquarter facility in Vienna. The Siemens Identity Display (SID) complements the impressive nature of Siemens City and communicates the multifaceted Identity of Siemens and its employees to an internal and external audience.

The Siemens Identity Display, based on uma’s new product SKIN, includes 14 MultiTouch Cell 46-inch Full HD LCD displays. At 29 megapixels, SKIN has the highest resolution of any multitouch installation in the world. This huge display enables tens of visitors to simultaneously interact with Siemens corporate and product information, facility design and layout, as well as digital art, local and global news, audiovisuals, and other rich media and Web 2.0 content.

SKIN allows visitors to explore a universe of Siemens values and topics that are presented and contextualized automatically from different data and web repositories, minimizing Content administrative efforts for Siemens Corporate Communications. SKIN also includes person tracking technology, which allows it to react to the presence of people in front of or passing by the display. Interaction with the content is personalized on demand through RFID Technology.

Behind the scenes, there are five servers involved in the operation of SKIN. The main computer controlling the SKIN application and semantic curator engine is running the MultiTouch Cornerstone SDK software architecture on a Linux OS. Cornerstone is MultiTouch Ltd’s powerful development engine for multitouch and object tracking. Three additional Linux-based computers operate as MultiTouch Cornerstone Tracking Clusters to share the processing power required to manage all of the touch inputs that can occur on the 14 MultiTouch Cells. Another database server is dedicated to processing all of the high-level uma SKIN semantic and contextual software requests.

Watch a video about the Siemens Identity Display:

To present Siemens corporate and product branding information in the most innovative, visually-compelling and interactive format available.

Fourteen 46-inch MultiTouch Cell LCD units seamlessly connected to form a huge 8.5 meter display.

Enhances Siemens corporate brand by presenting their latest corporate and product information to employees and visitors on a unique, technologically-advanced display with low editorial effort. .

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