Case: Bellprat Associates at Geneva Motor Show

MultiTouch Cell table engages attendees

Product: MultiTouch Cell
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At the Geneva Motor Show, major car manufacturers fought for attention. Bellprat Associates, a seasoned exhibition stand designer, needed something special to attract attendees and keep them interested for a longer period of time. Bellprat Associates chose MultiTouch Cell to be used as an multitouch LCD table.

Big displays attract attention because of the interesting, colourful content. Touch displays engage people to interact with the content because they can manipulate it. With the multitouch display, people have fun together and spend more time enjoying the content and each other while playing with it.

Bellprat Associates wanted an interactive display to function as a big table that would be comfortable to use. Multitouch displays are modular and thin, connecting to each other virtually seamlessly. Builders can easily create many kinds of constructions using the modules – even tables of any size.

Content attracts the audience
Bellprat Associates’ client’s content was shown on the display table, inviting people to interact with the different kinds of images and windows. The staff presented information about a new car model while the audience learned more about it by playing with the content on the screen; many people did this simultaneously. This made it easier to understand and drew more people into the complex technical details and background of the new, technologically advanced electric car.

On the display, people could open or drag three different multimedia windows with videos, pictures and text. They could move, rotate, and rescale the multilingual content and on videos, they could even play, stop and jump from one scene to another.

Reliable choice for a builder
For Bellprat Associates, the multitouch display was a very reliable solution. It worked well in changing lighting conditions and the chosen LCD model had a very bright screen. Any number of users could use it simultaneously.

Because the displays were built using ready-made modules, they were easy to set up and maintain. The application development was also fast thanks to the CornerStone SDK.

To draw people’s attention to a technically complex innovation while other companies are competing for the same audience’s attention.

A modular high brightness multitouch LCD display cell that connects together virtually seamlessly.

Fascinating, attention-getting interactive user interface. Flexible solution that is easy to build and maintain. Application development easy.

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