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May 22, 2014

Interactive MultiTaction wall displays enable visitors to shape the content of the exhibition at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. By manipulating different kind of maps on displays, users can, for instance, learn about geology of Finland.

Application: MultiTouch
Products: MultiTaction Cell Embedded
Location: Espoo, Finland
Use case: Museums & exhibitions

May 12, 2014

EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Arts improves the museum experience with an interactive Wall. It gives the museum an opportunity to showcase itself and inform visitors more about exhibits, artists and events taking place at the museum than what had been previously possible.

Visitors study and manipulate photos revealing more about the exhibits and the stories behind them. They can learn more about exhibitions, artists, events and the museum itself in the museum magazine on the display. Visitors can also take part in discussions about exhibitions by reading tweets on the wall and sending their own ones to the Twitter cloud on the display.

Displays: 3 * 55” MultiTaction Cell MT550S

Application: by MultiTouch

Location: EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Arts, Helsinki Region, Finland

Video: YouTube, Vimeo

April 2, 2014

Currently deployed in real estate sales and leasing offices, MultiTaction displays allow users to explore different properties, view availability of properties with real-time data and compare multiple floor plans. The advanced tracking features of the MultiTaction displays allow users to annotate on the content with an IR pen, then identify themselves using the MultiTaction Codice™ and email annotated content instantly.

The new application featured in the video was developed by MultiTaction for Forest City

Watch the video:

March 26, 2014

According to a global workforce survey conducted by Herman Miller, 70 percent of architect and design professionals found that collaboration and new forms of group work were the most important office design considerations — this includes the incorporation of technology solutions. What’s the role on interactive displays in this development?

Read Timo Korpela’s blog on Wired

March 17, 2014

MultiTouch Ltd has announced the London launch and permanent showroom for its MultiTaction iWall interactive videowall solution. It will be launched officially on April 2nd–3rd, as part of UK partner Engage Production’s new FLUX Innovation Lounge.

Read more here [press release]

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