MultiTouch offers an opportunity to work with motivated and professional people in an international environment within an organization that strongly supports personal growth and development.

C++ Developers

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Job Description

We are looking for skilled C++ developers to bolster our software research and development team in Helsinki, Finland. You’d work on the tools and frameworks that enable us and our clients to implement their vision using our displays. The work offers unique technical challenges on all aspects of making really big applications run really fast using multi-platform tools.

Developing our Cornerstone SDK which is used both internally and externally by our clients involves working with a high-performance, scalable C++ SDK that can run applications spanning dozens of megapixels. The framework implements a real-time rendering engine that can utilize multiple GPUs in parallel to be able to scale to the sizes of interactive surfaces we provide.

We also develop specific end-user applications using our SDK that have similar performance requirements. These are not just standard multi-touch applications, but typically involve a multi-user experience which provides its own challenges to both the design and implementation of the UIs.

Working with the firmware running inside our displays is another aspect. This includes the user-interfaces for configuring the display and low-level, real-time computer vision algorithms implemented on the GPU with CUDA.

We offer a fun, supportive, and professional working environment. Working hours are flexible.

If interested, please send your CV and cover letter to Esa Nuuros,, or ask for more details.

Solutions Engineer

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Job Description

We are expanding our Helsinki operations and look for excellent engineering talent to join our global professional services team. We are looking for people to to help us grow our business by engaging with MultiTactionclients and 3rd party software developers to grow an ecosystem around our MultiTaction and Cornerstone technologies.

You will be part of a team of future “black belt” Solutions Experts that will be the key driver behind developing our offering and technologies in EMEA. You will also support external partners to deliver high quality projects that incorporate MultiTaction displays and software.

Depending on the project, you may be involved in delivering custom solutions, work with our partners to help them deliver these project effectively.

Additionally, your role may include pre-sales consulting, architecture design, technology training and evangelising. You will work closely with the Multitouch Professional Services and R&D team in Finland, as well as the service and delivery teams in Chicago, California and Singapore.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with MultiTaction partners on a technical level to ensure delivery of high quality projects and services around MultiTaction and Cornerstone technologies.
  • Develop interactive applications for use in e.g. retail, museums, trade shows, corporate, research and education.
  • Customer and partner training for our hard- and software technologies.

Key Requirements

  • Solid C++ programming skills
  • Experience working with customers either as a consultant or in a sales support role
  • Experience with client-server concepts, databases and web applications; Experience in implementing user-interfaces.
  • Ability to quickly learn and adopt new skills
  • Capability to implement quality solutions to a deadline
  • Sufficient communication skills to be a part of an international team
  • Ability to design and work with complex systems and integrate to existing products
  • Willingness to travel, including internationally


  • Experience in the AV or games industry
  • Some feeling for design and usability

If interested, please send your CV and cover letter to Markus Prusi,, or ask for more details.